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Zombie in the Shower

I overslept this morning and needed to hustle through my grooming routine so I could get son #2 to his school bus stop. I told Mrs. QC I thought I could be ready on time because I would be taking a dry head shower. That’s QC family lingo for omitting a shampoo. Including a shampoo is, naturally, a wet head shower.

As I hopped in the shower, carefully keeping my hair out of the path of the spraying water, I recalled the inspiration for these terms: It was a ’70s TV commercial for The Dry Look men’s hair spray. I made a mental note to look for the commercial online. I found it — of course. The Wethead is Dead!

Although I haven’t seen The Dry Look in years — or heard anyone mention it for that matter — Gillette still makes it! Who would have thought! You can get it in both classic aerosol and environmentally friendly pump forms. The aerosol is available in Regular Hold and Extra Hold strengths; the pump is available in Extra Hold and Maximum Hold strengths.

Gotta like the usage directions for The Dry Look, which are helpfully posted on the catalog pages for the product (to which I’ve linked above):

Comb hair into place. Hold container 6″ to 8″ from hair and spray. Works best on clean, dry hair.

Works best on clean, dry hair, eh? You don’t say …

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