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Orange You Glad We Met?

With the ascendance of Syracuse  University to #1 in college basketball, I’m reminded of an indirect brush with greatness.

I grew up in the ’60s and early ’70s in Delaware one house away from a cul de sac — we kids called it The Circle. One of the dads on the block was the older brother of Syracuse coach and former star player Jim Boeheim. Boeheim (pronounced BAY-hime) has been involved with the Orangemen basketball program for, well, forever. Actually since 1963. He has been the head coach since 1976 and coached Syracuse to the NCAA title in 2003.

I don’t recall if Jim Boeheim ever graced The Circle with his presence. Maybe a couple of my dedicated readers will have some recollection on that score.

Pity I ripped this picture removing it from the photo album, but the boy is coach Boeheim’s nephew — one of the three Boeheim kids I played with in The Circle. In fact, this picture was taken in The Circle. Chez Boeheim is in the background. Notice his not-so-athletic pose. This picture was taken after he broke his leg in a skateboarding accident. The poor guy had a difficult recovery and seemed to lose his inclination toward the sporting life.Here I am circa 1967 with two of coach Boeheim’s nieces. We are posing with my family’s new puppy, Terry, who is chewing on a toy steak. This shot in our minds — well all but Terry’s I suppose— was the “album cover” for our band named, with great originality, Terry and the Pirates. Never mind that we didn’t have any songs or instruments, what was important was that we had an album cover. I hope Terry wasn’t our lead singer …

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Can I Get Some Delaware Pride Goin’ Here?

Given my Delaware ties, I’m just darn near thrilled about Barack Obama’s choice of Delaware senator Joe Biden as his running mate.

Get this Obama-Biden sticker free from MoveOn.orgWhat Delaware ties you ask? Well …

  • I lived in Delaware from 1957 to 1988 except for college in the mid ’70s and three years as a swingin’ single in the mid ’80s. During those absences, I lived, as I do now, in nearby Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • My wedding was in Delaware and Mrs. QC is a native Delawarean with even deeper ties to the state than I.
  • I have a master’s degree from the University of Delaware and I have been a big fan of that school’s football program for most of my life, having attended upwards of 50 games.
  • Sussex, the only one of the three Delaware counties in which I’ve not lived, has been the site of several family vacations, with its wonderful beach towns — Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Bethany Beach, and Fenwick Island.

Paradoxically, I wouldn’t want to move back to Delaware — at least not to the most-populated county, New Castle, which is where I grew up. It just doesn’t hold much appeal for reasons I’ll not go into here.

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This one is for geo-geeks like myself and son #1.

Home base for the QC family vacation is on a peninsula. The main street runs the length of the peninsula, about half a mile. Coming from the “mainland”, the first 500 feet or so is in Delaware. Then one crosses the state line into Maryland. Our place is in the Maryland portion.

The entrance to the street in Delaware is marked “NO OUTLET”. Get the picture? To go anywhere, practically speaking, we have to cross from Maryland into Delaware. To return, we have to cross back.

So over the course of the vacation, that will add up to a lot of state border crossings. Exciting, huh?

Here we see son #3 straddling the border, with his left foot in Delaware and his right foot in Maryland (and his head in the ozone, but that’s the subject for another post).


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