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Laughing At or Laughing With?

The tax cut extension “deal”. Sigh …

I hear the laughter. Either Republicans in Congress are laughing

  • at both Obama and the middle class


  • with Obama at the middle class

Which is it?

Based on Obama’s professed admiration for Reagan, the people he chose for the Bowles-Simpson catfood commission, and the inclusion of the payroll tax “holiday” in this deal, it’s the latter: Obama is laughing with Republicans at the middle class. Either way it’s galling.

Watch (or read the text of) Keith Olbermann’s special comment on this. He nails it.

Call your representative and senators. Will the Democrats in Congress eventually fold? Probably. But at least you’ll be able to say you tried to do something about it.

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Every Day is a Gift

sundial_warsawIn our culture how do we primarily mark the passage of time?

  • A year seems an overwhelming increment — until the moment you sit back and wonder where they all went.
  • Weeks and months have their rhythms but those rhythms are subject to disruption, sometimes intentional, other times circumstantial.
  • Seconds and minutes fly by too fast.
  • Hours are rather nebulous. If the metric system were ever to be applied to time, I’ll bet the hour would go through the most radical transformation, likely whittled down from 24 per day to 10.

Ah, did someone say “day”? We mark time primarily by days, don’t we? What is unique about the day is it correspondence with our circadian rhythm. Only the day is demarcated by an activity necessary for survival. That activity is, of course, sleep.  Each day is  back-ended — well, technically front-ended — by a period of restorative sleep — during which the body rests but the mind stays active.

On MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the host famously marks time in days — counting up the number of days since the Bush administration’s declaration of “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq and counting down, originally, the number of days until the 2008 election, and currently the number of days, now in single digits, until the inauguration of Barack Obama as the next U.S. president.

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Richard Lewis on MSNBC\'s Countdown with Keith Olbermann 5/2/08Last night comedian Richard Lewis made a guest appearance on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Watch on the Countdown show site or at YouTube as Lewis — one edgy dude — and Olbermann reflect in highly entertaining fashion on the sad occasion of Thursday’s 5th anniversary of White House resident Bush’s infamous MISSION ACCOMPLISHED stunt and other outrages of the maladministration. Gotta have some laughter to go with the tears, ya know.

The title of this post refers to what was, for me (and Mrs. QC), the funniest part — 5:24 into the clip on YouTube.

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