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Yo-die, Adrian!

Oscar Palmer Robertson

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

This one falls in the realm of what my sons refer to as “Dad’s stupid stuff”. In the ’60s (mostly) there was this NBA player — an all-star — named Adrian Smith. His nickname is Odie.

So in the playground in my mind every athlete named Adrian becomes Odie.

I alternate between finding this irritating — and amusing.

The most prominent case currently is Adrian Peterson. I should say two cases because, as unlikely as it may seem, there are two Adrian — uh, Odie — Petersons in the NFL:

While I was recently reading the excellent book Looking Back 75 Years of Eagles History: Special Edition by Eli Kowalski, which I received as a birthday gift from Mrs. QC, I was reminded that my favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, once had a quarterback — back in the ’50s before I was born — named Adrian Burk. He shares the league record for most touchdown passes in a regular season game, 7, with four other quarterbacks. I’ve rewritten his tombstone, so to speak, to read “Odie Burk.”

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“Mo Mentum” Changes Sides

It’s fun when watching a football game to see a quick, dramatic change in momentum, especially when a team’s offense immediately capitalizes on a momentum change initiated by its defense (or vice-versa). Throw in a record-breaking or record-equaling play and it’s a sequence worth a post here.

Last night I watched on TV as the Minnesota Vikings defense made a goal-line stand to prevent the visiting Chicago Bears from expanding a four-point second quarter lead to 11 points. The Vikings offense then took the field with the ball on their own 1-yard line, and on the next play, 99 37-year old Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte (#12) hooked up with wide receiver Bernard Berrian (#87) on a 99-yard bomb.

99 yards! Successful plays from scrimmage don’t get any longer than that — because they can’t. The touchdown gave the Vikings the lead for the first time in the game, 10–7, and they would not relinquish it, winning 34–14.

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