Quiet ClownMy name is Jon Brams. I’m a husband, dad of three, stepdad of one, and stepgranddad of one, in the US outside Philadelphia, PA.

The river of my interests is wide but pretty shallow. Among the interests I’ll wade through in this blog are the media — especially radio and the Web — progressive politics, peace activism, and September 11. I’ll probably throw in some music and sports once in a while as well as some minutia.

the quiet clown

As for the blog name, I had a science teacher in high school who referred to me in his autograph of my yearbook as “the quiet clown …”

I am quiet — most of the time. Alas, I’m not as much of a clown as I once was but I still have my moments.

Contact Information

To contact me, comment on this page or on any post. If your inquiry must remain private, send email to jbrams fat alumni daht upenn daht edu (have fun figuring that out 🙂 ).


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