Batting Cleanup — Moe Howard

UPDATED 3/10/09, 7:50 am:
Joe Conklin posted the Moe Howard/Ryan Howard comedy bit described in this post on his own site. To hear it go to Conklin’s media page. The bit is in the “Audio” column; it’s currently at the bottom.

Yesterday morning comedian Joe Conklin did a 3 Stooges bit on the WIP radio morning show. The inspiration for the bit was an interview in which retired baseball star/manager/disgraced gambler Pete Rose referred to Ryan Howard (pictured), the slugging first baseman of the Philadelphia Phillies, as head Stooge Moe Howard.

It took several minutes searching, but thanks to Google and USA Today, I found the interview. It turns out the interviewer was WIP’s veteran afternoon drive host Howard Eskin and the interview was originally broadcast on, not surprisingly, WIP. Rose’s gaffe occurs about three-tenths of the way into the interview — unfortunately the WIP audio player doesn’t display elapsed time.

Now Rose’s error is funny on its own. Most current events relatable to the Stooges are — to me at least.

The error becomes doubly funny when one recalls Rose wore his hair in the “bowl cut” style as an active player — the same hair style sported by Moe Howard when he was in character. One need only google “Pete Rose” “Moe Howard” to verify that this comparison has been made by many over the years.

Conklin did a nice job with the bit. I especially liked the part in which Shemp Howard pinch-hits for Curly Howard and Conklin, doing the voices of Phillies broadcasters, describes Shemp pinch-hitting as a letdown. All but the most casual Stooges fans will understand the humor in that. (Though I must say Shemp is vastly underrated.)

WIP hasn’t yet posted Conklin’s bit on their website. They may not ever. If they do post it and I happen to notice, I’ll update this post with a link.

While I’m on the subject of WIP, I’ll suggest that some of the best sports talk radio in Philadelphia is the Saturday morning (8:00-10:00) show on WIP hosted by weekday morning co-host Rhea Hughes during the weekends between the Super Bowl and Memorial Day. She is knowledgeable and comes across as natural (dissenting opinion).

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