Placing Trust in Obama

This wonderful picture was posted on Daily Kos by DK user InsultComicDog.

At first glance, I thought Barack Obama didn’t seem particularly happy to have been asked to pose — or that the camera caught the candidate blinking.

But upon second look I have to agree with the perceptive interpretation of DK user Anna Luc:

Yes, His closed eyes are those of a man praying for the grace to deserve the trust in that child’s embrace and that father’s face. In that moment I see Sen. Obama’s totally [sic] awareness of the responsibility he has taken on. [emphasis mine]

I fervently hope Obama is elected — and proves up to the challenge. The country is in the crapper and needs a leader badly. The McCain-Palin alternative is unthinkable.

And have you heard the latest economic news? To make Obama’s task potentially much more daunting than it already is, the crooks and incompetents in the Bush administration have started to try to stampede a massive Wall Street bailout bill through Congress. The bill would give Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson authority to buy hundreds of billions of distressed mortgage-related assets without any Congressional oversight whatsoever.

It seems Bush’s enablers and cronies aren’t satisfied with having looted most of the US Treasury in the past eight years. They want to get the rest before it’s time for Bush to go. It was their bankrupt economic philosophy, incompetence, and greed that got the credit markets in this mess in the first place. It’s an outrage!

This bill is an exceedingly bad one. It does nothing to change the system that allowed the credit crisis to occur in the first place. The obscenely wealthy executives would remain obscenely wealthy and well-positioned to repeat their destructive behavior. It’s a con game at taxpayer expense.

Write your representatives in Washington and ask them to stop this bill in its tracks. Cut and paste this letter if need be — that’s what I did — but just do it.

Ironically, there is some upside in the way this story is developing: Obama is presented with a great opportunity to lead. To Obama’s credit, he came out strongly, speaking today in Charlotte, NC, against the bailout. But don’t put it past the spine-impaired Democrats in Congress to be so spooked by the administration’s fear-mongering that they do the el foldo routine just like they did on the PATRIOT Act, the Iraq war resolution, and FISA.

Now is the not the time to be silent. Help put the brakes on greed, belligerent foreign policy, and conservative social policy. Get involved. Donate to Obama’s campaign. Volunteer with the campaign.

The picture at the top of this post is all the inspiration you need.

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