Jackpot of Insightfulness

Wholly uncrapfulness!

My eyeballs are popping out at the insightfulness of the commentary I’m about to excerpt. It was first posted by Greg King, a Morrison, CO Republican, as a comment in response to an online Anchorage Daily News opinion piece critical of Sarah Palin’s aversion to truth-telling by conservative KFQD radio talk host Dan Fagan. King subsequently repackaged his commentary as a post on his blog at DenverPost.com titled “Republican advice to Obama supporters”. (Actually, I can’t be sure of the order of posting, but it doesn’t really matter.) I first saw King’s commentary on Daily Kos where it was noted by DK user iconoclastic cat.

The popping isn’t happening so much because the commentary is written by a Republican. In fact, my cynical side suspects it is written by a liberal masquerading as a Republican, especially after having reread the Obama cheerleading that follows the portion I’ve excerpted. What’s remarkable is how well KIng “gets” the current political climate in this country and the clarity with which he expresses it.

I’ve applied emphasis to the parts I like most.

I am an American, a veteran of the 82nd Division, 505th Airborne Infantry, a member of the Republican Party and I am outraged at the irresponsibility of my Party’s reprehensible and shameful use of misinformation to divide our country and pit American against American. I am not part of the “angry left”; I am part of the growing “angry right” who are becoming more and more disenfranchised with our own Party. We are rapidly growing tired of our Party wrapping themselves in the flag for the purpose of engaging the public in a disingenuous oratory about uniting the country, while at the same time vilifying other Americans with cruel, divisive and childish taunts that have no basis in fact.

You see: my party could not field a Presidential candidate that has the substance, integrity and leadership to match that of Senator Obama. Our candidate is a compromise from a field of pathetic choices that half of us don’t believe in, a candidate that can’t match wits with his opponent or inspire and uplift the people as Senator Obama can. So, when faced with the prospects of running with a candidate that is outclassed and overwhelmed, our party resorts to that old maxim attributed to P.T. Barnum: a sucker is born every minute. And you, America, are that sucker!

Rather than inspire the people, my party berates and belittles our opponents to the point that the American people are completely bamboozled into thinking the opposing candidate is somehow less of an American. Although I know the staunchest of my fellow Republicans will dismiss my outrage as traitorous rhetoric or simply the ranting of a misguided soul, I say to my fellow Republicans: it is we that are causing the deep divides in this country. It is we who are polarizing America in our attempt to vilify and turn public opinion against other good Americans who are just as patriotic, just as religious, just as family-oriented and just as concerned for their country as ourselves.

However, the blame for the sad state of American politics cannot be placed entirely on the Republican Party. Most of the blame for the negative campaign ads and dirty politics falls squarely on the shoulders of a clueless voting public that does not demand fact, issues or well-reasoned argument. It is we the people that perpetuate the very style of nasty political rhetoric that all of us revile and despise. Because of a fatal flaw in the human psyche, the average American is highly skeptical of the plain truth, instead embracing lies, fabrications and twisted logic with a relish that is utterly disquieting.

Rather than research issues from independent sources and make intelligent decisions on our own, we absorb the self-serving language of such people as that lying, adulterous former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, or the twisted foul words of sleazy political hacks like Rudy Giuliani and Rush Limbaugh whose only shared talent is repackaging schoolyard taunts into a political argument.

Righteous, dude! Nail, meet hammer.

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