McCain’s Sick Joke

A mixture of rage and glee — an odd brew to be sure — keeps me reading the reaction to John McCain’s egg-laying pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate — and keeps me from writing much about it. Rage because the pick is a gigantic insult to all Americans, especially women. Glee because I cannot see how Americans, despite our dismal track record in the last two Presidential elections, will fall for it.

In just the last five minutes, I’ve read these great reactions …

A terrific analogy by whirly:

I think the most telling event of this circus was the look on his face as he introduced her and how he played with his ring as she spoke. He looked nervous. It was like they just met,had, had a wild night in Vegas, and eloped. Now they were announcing the blessed event of their “nuptials” to their relatives-us, the American public. And of course we have reacted with the exact response that any family member would at seeing someone in their family make a stupid, impulsive decision.

Going from Bush to McCain would take us from a dry drunk to a gambling addict, points out BlueOnBlue:

John McCain is a gambler. He loves to throw dice, which gets the shooter lots of attention, but in the long run, is a sure loser of a bet. This selection of Palin shows McCain’s gambling obsessions don’t stop at the craps table.

Like most gambling addicts, he is willing to gamble recklessly because he loves the excitement that comes with risk. And, he is apparently willing to risk his country first.

After eight years of the dry drunk, George Bush, we don’t need another addict in the White House.

Please God, no.

Here’s a warning worth heeding from HypeFreeZone:

Please remember it’s not about Palin. It’s about JMC’s Judgement. The Repug trap for Dems is to have them go after Palin so she’s made to look like a victim. Don’t fall for it! Whatever her qualifications, JMC chose her and he has to convince the American people it’s a good choice.

Yep. Keep your eye on the prize. That means you, Joe Biden.

Good stuff, huh? And those nuggets were just from the “comment-o-sphere”, meaning they were merely comments on a blog post and not posts themselves. They’re on Robert J. Ellsberg’s post on Huffington Post, “The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History”, one of the best of many I’ve read attempting to spell out the reasons Palin is a bad choice.

Of course, mixed in with the criticisms of the pick, in doses which vary from site to site, are feeble attempts to justify the pick, like this from Riley85:

This woman is the real deal. She is fascinating, tough as nails and unafraid to take on the Good Old Boys in Washington (like Biden).

And the huge amount of criticism she is receiving only proves how threatened Democrats are.

She is the female Republicans new hero. And she will be something Obama never could be–one of the guys. Those bitter males clinging to their guns will love her.

Obama supporters are so afraid they have resorted to defending Hillary. Hillarious [sic].

Be afraid Democrats — America is going to love this woman. And they will respect McCain for having the guts to select an “in your face VP”. Unlike the so-called change candidate.

Oh, please.

Sarah Palin for VP? John, you can’t be serious. That’s appalling judgment — and ample evidence McCain’s candidacy is about anything but putting America first.

Take it home, eduvert:

[The pick is] an insult to every American, I mean every American. McCain’s choice of a person with no qualifications to be VP or President is an insult to this entire nation. It’s as if he flipped a finger at every single one of us and said: well, she’s going to be the media’s darling, regardless of the facts–so to hell with the rest of you.

Remember the Bonnie Raitt song?

Let’s give ’em something to talk about

You sure did, John. You sure did. But don’t ask for my thanks.

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7 comments so far

  1. David H. Schleicher on

    Amen—I couldn’t agree with you more. The Palin pick is both insulting and savvy…or cynical…that’s what it is.

    Check out my thoughts and the discussion on all these recent political events from the DNC and McCain’s bomb dropping…

  2. QC on

    Wow, David — that was fast! Thanks for the comment. Yes the pick is breathtakingly cynical. But as the leader of the local peace movement pointed out in an email blast, it’s diabolical as well.

  3. bchboy1 on

    McCain made a nervous choice for…it feels more desperate than savvy. I liked your gambling reference …thanks for a great post

  4. QC on

    Thanks for the kind words. “Desperate” was actually the first word that came into my mind when I heard the news.

  5. Renee on


  6. QC on

    Thank you.

  7. QC on

    About McCain rolling dice (literally):,8599,1819898,00.html

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