Make It Stop, MAKE IT STOP!


Oh. My. G_d. This will teach me not to follow any of the links — like this one — that my blog host automatically puts above my posts based on my tags.

OK, work this metaphor with me: a blog post as a performance of a piece for solo piano. I direct you now to this performance by thatsrightnate of That’s Right Nate — a piece about HBO’s Recount movie about the 2000 Presidential election and then Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris — in which every note is a clunker:

The only redeeming feature for [Recount] was the ending where the viewer got to relive that triumphant moment at the end when Bush won the election.

… our vote is a very important thing that we can’t take for granted. … we all need to join states like Indiana in insisting that all voters have a state issued Identification card.

… the Vixen of Voting, the Siren of State Katherine Harris. When I do compile my list of hot Republican women she may not be in the top 10, but she’s definitely in the top 20.

Make it stop! I picture myself trying to pull the keyboard cover over thatsrightnate’s fingers as he plays.

There is some relief In the comments where thatsrightnate gets some of what business types call “push-back” from his readers. Some of his responses to the push-back are doozies. I couldn’t make up material this good, and I would only undermine it by interspersing snarky comments. So I’ll leave the material to stand on its own:

If Gore had won we’d be in a terrible recession and our foreign policy would be a disaster. … This isn’t a recession. We just need more of that can do spirit.

Gore wins only if you follow that stupid law that only exists in Florida where you have to look at overvotes and undervotes to figure out what the voter’s intent was.

First as a foreigner please refrain from ripping the United States on our internet.

If the Republicans were so bad they wouldn’t be running away with the Presidential election and they wouldn’t be poised to take back the congress.

And there’s this exchange:

commenter red, white, and blue: bush stole the election
thatsrightnate: How do you figure?
commenter thatswrongnate [haha, great pseudonym]: how do you figure he won?
thatsrightnate: He’s the President

Just astonishing.

Excuse me while I put a piano out of its misery. Where’s my hatchet?

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3 comments so far

  1. thatsrightnate on

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll join me in lining up for John. McCain ’08!

  2. QC on

    You’re welcome, thatsrightnate. Afraid I can’t line up for your guy, though. He could very well be worse than Bush.

  3. thatsrightnate on

    Well in that case, I hope you’ll still visit my blog from time to time in the interest of free discourse. You may learn sometime.

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