Does Winnie Cooper Drive a MINI Cooper?

updated September 4, 2008, at 8:26pm with picture

This evening I went with most of the family to actress Danica McKellar’s book signing at the local Barnes & Noble store. McKellar was there to promote her new book, Kiss My Math. It’s the sequel to the highly successful Math Doesn’t Suck.

Danica McKellar, QC, son #2, son #3, Mrs. QC

From left: Danica McKellar, QC, son #2, son #3, Mrs. QC. Click image to view at full-size.

McKellar, 33, is best known for her roles as Winnie Cooper on one of my all-time favorite TV shows, The Wonder Years, and Elsie Snuffin on The West Wing. I’ve not seen her work in the latter.

Upon arriving at B&N, we bought the new book for McKellar to autograph when our turn came up. The store gave out numbered cards to keep the line orderly; we were #41.

We had our picture taken with her, but it was with a film camera (remember those?), so I don’t have it yet. Once I get it, I’ll augment this post with the picture (assuming it comes out OK). In the meantime, here is a picture of the cover of the book.

Before she started signing books, McKellar made a short speech and took a couple handfuls of questions from the audience. I estimate the audience numbered about 120.

When it was our turn to have our book signed and our picture taken, I made the most brilliant conversation with her:

QC: Hi. It’s nice to meet you.
DM (smiles): Hi. It’s nice to meet you.
(DM signs the book, which was handed to her by son #3. We pose for the picture.)
QC: Thanks, it was nice to meet you.
DM (smiles, I think she was on auto-smile): It was nice to meet you.
(I start to walk away — without the book. Fortunately, DM quickly realizes this.)
DM (smiles): Don’t forget your book.
QC (grabs book): Oh, that would help.

So to recap, I made doubly sure McKellar knows I think it was nice to meet her. And that was all I had to offer. See I told you it was brilliant. Then for good measure I made an ass of myself by forgetting the book. Smooth as Polish Water Ice I am, huh?

Had my brain not turned to jelly in the presence of this young, attractive, and brainy actress/author, I might have remembered to ask her the great question son #2 came up with — the question that serves as the title of this post.

Seriously, I think what McKellar is doing to make math appealing to girls is terrific. I’d link you to some of the specifics relating to McKellar’s math cred, such as her summa cum laude UCLA math degree and her co-authoring of a math proof, but her site is Flash-driven and hence not a good a link target. Anyway, in short, she’s got a lot going for her.

And tonight for me it was, to coin a phrase, nice to meet her.

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2 comments so far

  1. Mrs. QC on

    The photo I’d really like to see posted here is one that wasn’t taken: the thrilled/melted/star-struck expression on your face as Danica McKellar arrived. Add in to the mix an almost paternal glow – so that’s how that little girl turned out! Well, she’s a perfect mix of beauty, brains,and charm.

  2. TwoFourFixate on

    Just “Wonderin'”ova heah:

    ¿Why would it be an almost PAternal glow?

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