There’s Gold in That There Bowl

So last night I was questioning a family member about my recent repeated discoveries of an unflushed toilet in the house. As I started the questioning I was pretty sure I knew I was talking to the culprit and suspected their reason for not flushing. I was correct on both counts.

The culprit defended their skipping of the flush step with that particular toilet (one of three in the house) as a water conservation measure. Don’t get me wrong; I do applaud the objective. Our toilets use 3-plus gallons per flush, the standard back in 1988 when the house was built. The standard these days is 1.6 gallons. I’m just not sure I want to be forced into viewing gold in that there bowl; it’s a bit of a gross-out. Plus I would prefer that family members implement new conservation measures in the home only after securing the approval of “the management”.

Anyway, the irony of the culprit’s defense, especially when coupled with my anticipation of their answer, made for a big laugh. And so I share the story.

Now here’s the irony: Mister Water Conserver (whoops; OK, the culprit is male) routinely takes 15 minute showers.

To end on a helpful note, a possible compromise would be to convert the toilets in the home to dual-flushing models — a separate handle for each of the two most popular forms of bodily waste. I wonder if the conversion kit comes with labels for the handles.

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  1. Renee on

    Hooray for the Management!

  2. gina on

    a sign posted over the toilet in a friend’s house reads: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.” Helpful? 🙂

  3. Gina on

    And maybe you’ve seen this:

  4. QC on

    Over one-third of household water consumption — wow! When I think about it, that shouldn’t be a surprise, especially in a well-populated household like mine.

    Re the yellow-brown rhyme … I tried to come up with my own variation using gold, amber, or yellow for number one. But I got nothin’. 😦

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