Our Main “Industry”

One of the cool things about Daily Kos (DK) and Scoop, the blog-on-steroids platform on which DK runs, is how one can flag and retrieve comments. For example, here is a strand of comments on kos’ post titled “Bowing” to Mr. 28%. Odds are I am the only user out of DK’s millions who has thus far requested a page with just this strand.

I was able to retrieve this strand easily because I had previously “recommended” two of the four comments. (If you are logged in to DK, a “Recommend” check box appears next to each comment. There is also a “Recommend” button for each post.)

Anyhoo, here are some money quotes from the comments I recommended that I think do much to explain how we in the US have come to have such a great view from our boats of the banks of Shit’s Creek. (In case you haven’t read Kos’ post yet, it’s about yesterday’s capitulation to Bush on FISA by the Democrats in Congress; “Mr. 28%” is Bush.)

DK user LivingInReality (aptly named):

What we have is government by a ruling class oligarchy, with two right wing factions that play at opposing one another . . . . when the reality is that they agree a lot more than they disagree.

[Those in power] want a corporate-state that domestically, sends more wealth to those at the top while it consolidates its power over people (by eviscerating the constitution) and in foreign spheres, continues to use a massive WAR MACHINE to impose its will on the rest of the planet.

DK user politis:

The WAR MACHINE doesn’t have a will to impose.

It’s for sale to whoever buys the government, hasn’t the last seven years proven that? The US military went from policing global oil reserves for private interests to becoming a soldier of fortune for those same interests. War is our main industry, the last thing we really have to sell.


If war really is the only remaining healthy industry here in the US, is our peace movement ultimately spitting into the wind and doomed to fail?

This we do know …

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5 comments so far

  1. gina on

    word, indeed. even i’m finally getting scared.

  2. QC on

    Hand-wringing (pointing at self) sure is easier than being proactive. Here http://peacecranenest.blogspot.com/2008/05/dont-panic.html is a thoughtful post about learning survival skills and building community. If nothing else, heed the title of that post.

  3. gina on


    I dunno, sounds like someone with a serious case of denial to me…

    Some days, my hopeful little garden hardly seems adequate enough to dispel the specter of Iranian missle testing, especially in the wee hours of the night.

    But thank you for this reminder, and I will do my best to resume my self-appointed role as eternal optimist.


  4. gina on

    I, too, feel suddenly exhausted just reading this, but I will respectfully submit it anyway:


    and to add to my role above: beacon of insane hope. 🙂

  5. QC on

    Great find … thank you!

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