Satan’s Table

The evening of July 1 I dined with Mrs. QC, and sons #2 and #3 at Nicola Pizza in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

The walls of the dining rooms are festooned with autographed pictures and drawings of celebrities who have dined there in the past or otherwise hobnobbed with the owners, Joan and Nick Caggiano.

We happened to be seated at Satan’s table. On the wall above our table were these cards signed by George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, the parents of the current White House resident.

My reaction when this wall decoration was pointed out by one of my dining companions: “AARRRRGH”!

By the way, the thingie on the bottom appears to be a key chain with the presidential seal. I assume it was a gift from the Bushes to the Caggianos that came with the cards.

George H.W. Bush as Satan? Sure! As bad as the son is, “Poppy” is worse. The reasons are all documented in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. The full text is online. I’ve only read excerpts, but one day I want to curl up with it. After I’m done reading it, maybe I’ll post links to evidence backing up the name calling.

For now, I’ll whet your appetite with a quote from a review of the book on by Herbert L. Calhoun of Falls Church, Virginia:

The authors story about Bush I, goes as follows:

George [H.]W. Bush (Bush I), like the other Bush brothers and sons, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bush oligarchy, started by his maternal grandfather and uncle, George Herbert Walker, and George Herbert Walker, Jr., and Senator from Connecticut, Prescott Bush (George’s father). The epicenter of the oligarchy has always been, and remains the banking business, in particular the Wall Street international investment bank of Brown Brothers Harriman. According to these authors (as well as all the others I have read), this bank remains the ‘Bush family firm’ in the deepest sense of that phrase.

The power of this bank and its ubiquitous network reaches both across the globe and across time. In particular, its connections to the British oligarchy, to Henry Kissinger Enterprises, to Israeli and Zionists circles, to Texas oilmen, and to the Saudi and Kuwaiti Royal families are well known. What is not so well known, is how these connections conspire to control, and in many cases to undermine U.S. economic and national security interests. In this regard the author points out that: ‘It will be noted that Bush has succeeded in proportion as the country has failed, and that Bush’s advancement has proceeded pari passu (in tandem with) with the degradation of the national stage upon which he has operated and which he has come to dominate.’

The key to the story, according to these authors is Bush’s amoral and compliant personality and willingness to bend the rules to serve those higher up the economic food chain, and family interests over U.S. national and economic interests. As he notes: ‘The reader will search in vain for strong, principled commitments in George Bush’s personality; the most that will be found is a series of obsessions, of which the most durable are race, vanity, personal ambition, and settling scores with adversaries.’

As a casual follower of politics in 2000, I knew enough then to be very wary of the prospect of the son becoming president. Prescient, huh?

As for the dinner … I was able to enjoy it despite the unfortunate table assignment. I took comfort from knowing I had been handed an excuse to blog about America’s worst (wirst?) family.

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    Reblogged this on My Blog.

  2. rixar13 on

    I recall stress with every decision that George W. Bush made…

    • QC on

      @rixar13 Pretty much. Thanks for the reblog.

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