Wirelessly Via “wireless”

We have a pretty much working wireless connection — I won’t be surprised if it goes away — from one particular spot in our vacation home base. 🙂

Connecting wirelessly via wireless
More to follow in an update … but for now I’ll step aside because the three others here want to use the connection.

Update, June 29, 2008, 10:48pm:
Later yesterday we found we could connect not only from the second bedroom, as shown in the above picture, but also from the master bedroom. And whereas it seems only one laptop at a time can connect from the second bedroom, here in the master bedroom both laptops can connect simultaneously.

In the second bedroom we connect to a network called “wireless.” Hence the title of the post. In the master bedroom we connect to the “linksys” network.unsecure wireless connection

It figures that folks clueless enough to leave their networks unsecure would name their networks “wireless” and “linksys” (the latter is a popular brand of router). But hey, although I criticize these folks as clueless, I am grateful for their cluelessness.

As to why it took a week for us to discover these connections, I don’t have a good answer. In the middle of last week son #1 took a laptop upstairs to experiment, but he didn’t find a usable connection. Before yesterday I hadn’t given much thought to the possibility of upstairs access perhaps because there aren’t any desks or tables up here. The bed is working fine, though.

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  1. Renee on

    Great! What a wonderful discovery.

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