This one is for geo-geeks like myself and son #1.

Home base for the QC family vacation is on a peninsula. The main street runs the length of the peninsula, about half a mile. Coming from the “mainland”, the first 500 feet or so is in Delaware. Then one crosses the state line into Maryland. Our place is in the Maryland portion.

The entrance to the street in Delaware is marked “NO OUTLET”. Get the picture? To go anywhere, practically speaking, we have to cross from Maryland into Delaware. To return, we have to cross back.

So over the course of the vacation, that will add up to a lot of state border crossings. Exciting, huh?

Here we see son #3 straddling the border, with his left foot in Delaware and his right foot in Maryland (and his head in the ozone, but that’s the subject for another post).


At this border there isn’t a “Welcome to Delaware” or “Welcome to Maryland” sign to be found. The cryptic “WOR” in “BEGIN WOR” is short for Worcester, a Maryland county. On the other side of this signpost is a sign reading “END WOR.”


Now this post might be slightly more interesting — or I guess I should say slightly less uninteresting — if one of the states was New Jersey. Being in NJ changes my state of mind. It’s hard to explain. I remarked to Mrs. QC the last time we were there that it feels like being in an alien world. I wonder why that is … and I’m a native. Maybe being a native has something to do with it.

Oh, about the title: I’ve long wanted to use “xing” as an abbreviation for “crossing” or “express” (as in expressway) in a piece of writing. I associate those abbreviations with signs and pavement markings in the southern and western US. But “xing” is used here on the east coast as well, as son #3, looking over my shoulder as I write this, reminds me.

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  1. Mrs. QC on

    On our last visit to “Another World” (New Jersey), a little boy at a Bar Mitzvah we attended asked his mom if we were not in America anymore. She replied it might feel like we’re not, but we’re only in New Jersey.

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