Wrath of the Blogging Gods

I ran into this unfortunate fellow on the pier in the vacation community I’m visiting this week and next. Son #2 was with me, and he snapped this picture with his new digital camera.


Bystanders say this poor sap was a vacationing blogger. Evidently he thought taking a vacation also meant a vacation from blogging. Seems the blogging gods didn’t take kindly to his plan. His blog is now resting in peace with its (former) owner.

I’ll take that as a sobering reminder: Don’t anger the blogging gods. Never mind that there isn’t an Internet connection at my home base for this vacation. I’ll still need to find a way to publish a few posts while I’m away.

And I have. This post comes to you from my old friend Ronald’s house. You know, Ronald McDonald. Fortunately, he has a vacation home nearby. I’ll live to blog at least one more day.

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