Jeans or Genes?

Not infrequently Mrs. QC and I find ourselves rapidly alternating between topics of conversation. Most of the time we make the switches seamlessly. There are times when it gets tricky, though, particularly when a prop is unexpectedly introduced, as was the case last night.

We were alternating between these topics:

  • pictures taken at recent social events
  • clean laundry

I had grabbed a pile of jeans I believed to be mine and was about to put them in my pants drawer. The next thing I knew Mrs. QC was showing me this picture of me with my sons …

QC and sons

… and saying “They may not all be yours”.

I did a double take.

I had lost track of the laundry thread, so for a split second I thought she was talking about our sons. When I responded, “Huh?”, she realized what had happened and explained that she was referring to the jeans. Hearty laughter ensued.

For the record, given my sons’ appearance and behavior, there is no doubt in my mind they have my genes.

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2 comments so far

  1. Renee on

    What a handsome crew!

  2. QC on

    You’re biased, of course, but I won’t tell 😉

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