Feline Artwork

Rosie is the older of the two cats living at Chez QC.

RosieShe will turn 18 on Father’s Day — the big cat in the sky willing. (In this picture taken by son #2 she looks 118, but I like it — it conveys the essence of her personality.)

She was recently diagnosed with polyps in her right ear canal. The vet advised us to switch from dry food to canned food to lessen the chewing pain Rosie might be experiencing as a result of the polyps.

The Bird by RosieSince the switch Mrs. QC and I are amazed to see that Rosie has taken up a new hobby: making art from her canned food. She created her first work Saturday. It looks like a bird, don’t you think? Or a bird with a teddy bear attached to its left wing. Or something like that.

To me it’s a bird. What an appropriate choice of subject for a cat.

This morning she created a work in the shape of the United States. Unfortunately, I was in too much of a rush to capture it for posterity before it was consumed — by Rosie — just as “The Bird” had been.

Who knew we had a budding artist for a pet all these years? What a fun surprise!

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4 comments so far

  1. Aquqabatfan on

    I would like credit for the picture of that cat.


  2. QC on

    I’ve edited the post to credit Rosie’s photographer.

  3. Aquabatfan on

    ALSO, …delete this comment, and the previous one.

  4. QC on

    @ Aquabatfan:
    LOL! Your first request was appropriate. Now it sounds like you’re trying to tell me how to run my blog. What gives?

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