Not as Much as a Toenail on the Limb

As a member of a professional organization for technical writers, I dutifully cast my ballot online in the local chapter’s executive board election. I know only one of the candidates personally — the next president (who will do well if the job requires a lot of pontificating) — but I did scan their campaign statements.

Here’s the ballot I cast:

QC\'s PMC ballot

As you can see I really went out on a limb: I voted for the three candidates running unopposed, but I abstained from choosing between the two candidates for secretary. Is that not the epitome of indecisiveness?

Actually I did more than scan the statements of the secretarial candidates. I read them. Yet I still couldn’t choose between the two. I think I got hung up on gender. The candidates are of opposite sexes. I didn’t want to discriminate on that basis. Oh, I should add that as I cast my ballot I was enjoying a lunch of milquetoast at the QC Diner.

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3 comments so far

  1. gina on

    as Lou always used to say to tease me, “I used to be indecisive… now I’m not so sure.” 🙂

  2. QC on

    The shrink who runs the Indecisiveness Clinic told me the hard part is getting people to sign up in the first place.

  3. QC on

    The male candidate won the election for Secretary by a mere two votes.

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