Fools Day at The Onion

the onionNot being a regular visitor to The Onion, America’s Finest (fake) News Source, I wondered yesterday whether their idea of an April Fools Day joke would be to turn their site into America’s finest (real) news source for the day.

Let’s have a look.

No, thankfully, it looks like (funny) business as usual over there today. I guess going legit for the day would be a great way for them to lose readership, wouldn’t it? In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn their traffic typically spikes on Fools Day.

So what looks good over there today? How about these?

Have a great day … and don’t get fooled again!

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  1. Gina on

    mongering conference, dippin’ dots.. oh yes.. too funny!

    and did you see this one??

  2. QC on

    Hadn’t seen that one, thanks..brilliant satire of gender stereotyping! They are really clever there. I’ll have to start checking them out more often.

  3. Gina on

    i have them on RSS feed so I don’t miss anything!

  4. QC on

    Yeah, I’m now seeing the benefits of using RSS feeds. That NetVibes site you set up is pretty cool — it’s a feed reader … and more (it’s a floor wax, no it’s a dessert topping

  5. gina on

    haha.. shimmer.. I remember that one.

    So, you saw the netvibes page.. that’s my public one… still playing with that to see what benefits there are. I have a private one too that QC is on. I wanted to ask your permission before putting QC on the public site, because you know, the public may someday be wildly interested in what RSS feeds I have.

    And here’s another slice of onion, if you haven’t seen it:

  6. QC on

    Eagle eye K spotted your Netvibes URL on your MySpace. Meanwhile I had been looking at my QC traffic report and wondering who the hell was linking to me from Netvibes. So mystery solved!

    Sure it’s fine to put QC on your public Netvibes. I’ll brace myself for the traffic spike.

    Your slice of onion happens to be the front page lead story on the paper version of The Onion Lucy picked up for me on her recent visit to NYC. Good one.

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